Mr Kenneth Lou, co-founder of wireless mobile charging sleeve manufacturer Novelsys, said the company approached IE Singapore for help when it was just six months old.

It used the Market Readiness Assistance grant to offset the incorporation fees for its United States entity.

The company set up a US entity because it launched a crowdfunding campaign on US site Kickstarter for a wireless mobile phone charging sleeve named Ampere.

"We went on Kickstarter because we wanted to get our name out to an international audience," said Mr Lou, who set up the company in May last year with two other co-founders.

The first batch of the company's product is now being made in Singapore. It is only available online though there are plans to eventually sell it in stores later this year, Mr Lou added.

Novelsys' Ampere wireless charging sleeve is intended to make charging a smartphone on the go easier than ever. A leather sleeve with a 2,700-mAh battery tucked inside of it, it's equipped with a wireless charging element – so a user simply needs to slide their phone inside, and it will charge.

シンガポールを本拠とするハードウェアスタートアップNovelsysは、オシャレなワイヤレス充電器Ampereを開発しています。1月15日よりKickstarterでプロジェクトを開始、目標金額は6万ドルです。EverpurseやPowermatをはじめ、非接触充電分野はこのほど活況です。そんな中、Novelsysはビジョンとして「To power the world and future」を、ミッションとして「To grow the company to create products and solutions which are seamless, intuitive and smart」を掲げて邁進しています。下記はNovelsysのKenneth Lou CEO へのインタビューです。

Previously we wrote about Singapore startup Novelsys‘ first product Kickstarter, and how it held the recipe for success even before it lauched.

Since the launch of its Kickstarter page last night, it has managed to raise their funding goal of $60,000 – within 24 hours. Their super early birds, that offered their flagship product, Ampere, at a great price of $69 with only 100 spots available, was sold out within 2 hours.

Novelsys has created a new smartphones wireless charging sleeve called the Ampere, that they have equipped with both fast challenging and smart control functionality, removing the need to carry extra device charging cables.

The Ampere is currently over on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website and has already reached its pledge goal of $60,000 with still 29 days to go.

Ampere | Wireless Phone Charging Sleeve

Well, the charging game just got one-up’d. While it is impressive you can carry around a portable battery charger for your phone and tablet these days, Ampere decided to give it a twist. Ampere offers the worlds first smart wireless phone charging sleeve. Not only can Ampere charge your phone, but with 2 USB ports, you can charge two devices at the same time. With fast charging speeds of up to 5.0v/2.0A, your Ampere can charge your phone and your tablet together when you find yourself in a dying technology pinch.

[...] Ampere’s Wireless charging sleeve for your smartphone is pretty amazing. It’s on Kickstarter now, and at the time of writing this, it’s more than half way funded and still has 29 days left. Basically what it is, is a sleeve with a battery pack inside that supports Qi Charging. So you just slide your phone in and it starts charging. The battery pack is about 2,750mAh in size, so it’s not going to charge it up that much, but it will be enough to finish out the day.

22-year-old startup founders are not supposed to be this polished, this well-networked, or this prepared. After all, older entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed than fresh-faced college kids because of their abundant professional experience.

But Kenneth Lou, the founder of Novelsys, a Singapore-based startup with the stated mission of “powering the world”, thinks he’ll be the exception.

There are plenty of wireless charging kits for your smartphone on the market today, but Singapore-based, California-incorporated startup Novelsys hopes you'll take a look at what they'll be offering on Kickstarter for $79 (this converts to about £50 or AU$100).

Ampere: Kickstarter Done Right Even Before Its Launch

We’ve written about Novelsys before, and about how they are geared and ready to, in their own words, “Power the World”. Their product Ampere, a sleeve that charges your device upon contact, has finalized its prototype, and is now ready for production. The one tiny little thing that they need? Funding.

It comes as no surprise that they are going where most startups have gone before — crowd-funding. Their Kickstarter, with a lofty goal of USD$60,000, will run for a month, and is due to start in two days on the 15th of January, 2015.

Here’s another local invention worth your support – Singapore start-up Novelsys is looking to raise US$60,000 in a Kickstarter campaign that will fund the production of Ampere, a portable charger that promises to bring wireless charging to all Android smartphones and iPhones on the go.

The Novelsys Ampere is a Wireless Charging Sleeve

The Novelsys Ampere is a smartphone sleeve with an integrated battery and wireless charger to keep your smartphone charged while in your pocket and it will be announced via Kickstarter in January 2015.

The concept of wireless charging has been around for years — companies such as Nokia, Braun and Google have been pushing out products that seem to be magically recharged without the mess of cables and wires.

A Singapore-based startup however aims to take that concept to greater heights; Novelsys have announced the Ampere, the world's first portable wireless charger power bank. [sic]

Novelsys Heading to Kickstarter

Local start-up Novelsys is heading to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to raise US$60,000 (S$79,000).

The month-long campaign will start on Jan 15 with the aim of persuading people from all over the world to support its venture to build a wireless-charging phone sleeve called ampere.


This sleeve charges your mobile phone wirelessly

Meet Ampere, a portable charger with a revolutionary twist. It’s completely wireless!

Designed and created by Novelsys, a small Singaporean startup — not even a year old and run by university students — Ampere on the outside, looks like a normal leather phone sleeve. In reality, the inside of the sleeve is filled with cutting edge tech that forms the basis of the Ampere device.

Although wireless chargers are not new in the market, a portable wireless charger sleeve for phones is definitely a first! I had the privilege to attend the unveiling of ampere, the world’s first wireless portable charger sleeve for phones and I was very amazed at this nifty gadget.

This Singapore Startup Just Redefined Mobile Charging

Singaporeans now have something else tech-related to feel proud of after Creative: Novelsys, a Singaporean startup, has announced its final prototype of ampere, a portable charger with a twist: it’s completely wireless.

Why Ampere is the Next Big Thing to Watch In Mobile Charging

Local Singaporean startup Novelsys has finally revealed their final prototype of ampere, their revolutionary wireless device charger that is now ready for production. At an intimate gathering of supporters that has helped Novelsys in their journey since 2013, including mentors, fellow startup owners, industrial partners, and friends, the prototype of ampere was revealed in the form of a smartphone sleeve that is capable of charging your smartphone as well as other devices within range.

Novelsys shows Innovative Design with Ampere

Novelsys is a startup coming out from Singapore with young minds spearheading wireless charging innovation with their very first product, ampere. With new minds seeing the world with a new perspective, we can be sure that whatever comes out from them will be out of the ordinary.

Team consisting of Mark Keong En Ming (EE4), Kenneth Lou (BBA2) and Delane Foo (Industrial Design DID 3), with their start-up company, Novelsys, won the 1st Prize in the Biz Venture Challenge at the 15th Start-up@Singapore Finals, held on 31st May 2014 at University Town, NUS. The team impressed the judges with their ambitious but well-planned business strategy to provide mobile charging solutions to Singapore, Asia, and eventually, the world. The team planned to invest the $15,000 prize money in prototyping in preparation for their Kickstarter campaign launching in early 2015 (

NUS USP Kenneth's Novelsys Story

As founder of the wireless technology start-up Novelsys, Kenneth exudes a refreshing passion and energy as he talks to USP Highlights about his story: how Novelsys was born, his own motivations and plans for the future.

Novelsys among SiTF 2014 Winners

Special Mention: Novelsys Pte Ltd for Ampere- The world’s first wireless charging sleeve

Gold Best Student Project - Tertiary

Undergrad’s Start-up Novelsys Clinches Global Award

Novelsys, an NUS Enterprise start-up co-founded by our undergrad Kenneth Lou has clinched the 2014 Global Talentrepreneur innovation & Collaboration (GlobalTiC) Award held in Taiwan.Since its inception, the team has won the Start-Up@Singapore 2014 business plan competition, including a cash prize worth $15000. It received the NUS Enterprise Practicum grant of $10,000 and additional $5000 under the Phillip Yeo Innovation Fellows Programme. Most recently, the start-up clinched the top prize in the Youth Pre-Start-up category of Global TiC, “JohnnyTiC” Award in August, beating 11 other competitors from Asia, Europe and South America and won a cash prize of US$2000.

GlobalTiC ,which started in 2007 is an annual competition for aspiring start-ups, hosted by Taipei Tech University.

NUS-supported start-up Novelsys wins global awards

Novelsys secured the “JohnnyTiC” Award, GlobalTiC’s top prize in the Youth Pre-Start-up category. The firm, which received a US$2,000 cash prize, prevailed over 11 other teams from Asia, Europe and South America.

When you meet Kenneth, you can instantly feel the energy radiating off of him. Even when he’s sitting down, you can see how eager and excited he is to speak about what he does. He is the driver of change in Novelsys, a startup raring to become the next big thing in wireless charging. After we introduced each other and I had explained what I had planned for this article, which was to find out his “secret of success” behind Novelsys winning the GlobalTiC award (and several others), he seemed to [...]

NUS Enterprise-supported startup Novelsys wins top innovation prize

Novelsys, a newbie Singapore start-up supported by NUS Enterprise, won the top award in the Youth Pre-Start-up category of the Global Talentrepreneur Innovation and Collaboration (GlobalTiC) Award for developing the world’s first wireless charging sleeve for mobile phones.